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Because UPDATES Are Awesome

Updates and stuff!

I’ve been working really hard on the back-end of my web application. This is probably going to sound boring to you since it has nothing to do with dating or social dynamics, but it’s pretty exciting for me. Also hugely challenging.

I’ve been building this website (compliments) for about a month now. I was rolling out updates slowly, but since Google seems to be a fan already and I have lots of repeat visitors, I decided that I wanted to have a really solid application before huge sums of traffic really start kicking in.

Tangent! If you really want to help me, please link to funny compliments, sweet things to say to your boyfriend and sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Use that anchor text too! There are a surprising amount of people sharing the site already but it’s the bread and butter of my traffic so I’ll never complain about getting MOAR đŸ™‚

Anyway, the new features I’ve added are as follows:

A user system where you can register and write compliments under your own name instead of as a stranger. You can also check out your score, because people voting for your compliments or comments will move you up and down score-wise, and there’s a leaderboard where the people with the best compliments reside.

My favourite feature is a random compliment feature. It’ll help me moderate new compliments when they come in because of how I coded it, and it’ll also get more exposure to compliments that sadly slid off of the first page. This feature is really exciting for me!

They aren’t online yet since I’m doing a huge rewrite of the back-end and I have to re-theme a lot of the pages, but when they’re up I’ll put up some links.

Have a super fantastic day!


Going on a Date is Like Hanging Out With Friends

Going on a Date is Like Hanging Out With Friends

I just read an article about how yoga can actually hurt you pretty badly. The day this picture was taken was the day of my first ever yoga class!

I didn’t end up hurting myself but it makes me think a little bit. The way you hurt yourself doing yoga is by pushing too hard, which you generally do to satisfy your ego. I think the same applies to dating.

I spent three years dating anything with two legs and no dangly bits between them. Not that they were bad girls, but I was pretty much just going for the gold with any girl. That’s not the best way to satisfy a romantic urge. Maybe a sexual one?

I digress.

One of the things that I noticed was that as I got less stupid, I managed to hang out with more girls. What was the difference? Simple, actually. I realized that going on a date is like hanging out with friends. In fact, I could just take a beautiful girl out with my friends and that would be way more effective than dinner at the Crown Plaza and an Opera.

The reasons I was pushing for those date-y things to begin with were the same reasons I could have seriously hurt myself at yoga. I was pushing because my ego told me I needed X-event to be successful, so I could tell my friends how cool I was. The second reason was that I just didn’t know. I didn’t know how badly I could hurt myself by pursuing things that, in the end, didn’t even matter.

Because the Crown Plaza and the Opera are just your ego talking.

Check Out A Sweet Thing to Say to Your Friend

My favourite style of compliment is simple. I point out something I like about a person and then I say, “I really like that about you.”

You’re reading a blog about making other people feel good. I really like that about you.

But I also think of memories when complimenting my friends. This one time at band camp… I could keep the simple style of (positive characteristic) + (I like that), but my band camp memories show so much more about my friends.

Images from stories make compliments sweet; a stranger who never had the chance to meet you when you were poor doesn’t understand you as well once you become rich. Stories show that you have really thought about your friend and decided that, yes, they’re pretty cool.

…Read more at a sweet thing to say to your friend.